Very pleased to inform you that my daughter has obtained admission at the prestigious Maaruti College of Dental Sciences & Research Center, Bangalore. Thank you Intimate Career for your help with the admissions process. –Chinnan, Pulikkal,Malappuram (parent)

I can’t begin to thank the whole team enough, for all your help with [my son’s] college applications. You eased a lot of family angst, saved time
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I am very happy to report that I was accepted into Srinivas Institute
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I just submitted the hefty applications and thankfully got admission! Thank you Intimate Career for all of your meticulous help and inspirational support. I’m grateful to have worked with you these past few weeks. You’re really good at your job. – Rohit (student)

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Thanks again for everything you’ve helped out with so far – from pre admission prep to general guidance and insight through the admissions process. It’s been a tremendous help to me. Thank you Intimate Career! –
Danish (student)